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About Urban Tails Pet Supply

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Urban Tails Pet Supply Pack Members Offer Amazing Customer Service & Product Knowledge

The staff at Urban Tails Pet Supply is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products, and nutrition so we can provide you with the best products and services around.

"The high-quality food and products at Urban Tails Pet Supply is enough to get you in the door, but the friendly and highly knowledgeable staff is a reason to keep going back. They carry raw and holistic food and can advise you on the best ones." - Pet News Daily when we were voted as the Top Pet Store in Minneapolis in August 2021. 

Meet Our Team

Barry & Colleen

Store Owners
The people who started it all! Colleen can be found on the sales floor helping people with her expertise, and Barry is the behind the scenes, fearless leader.

Betty & Veronica

Store Cats
Veronica is our customer service specialist, and Betty is our nap specialist.



Jess has worked in the pet supply industry for over 14 years & can answer any, and we mean ANY question about your furry, scaly or leafy friend. She jokingly dreams of becoming an art curator one day, which is evidenced in her bomb wardrobe. At home, Jess has a bearded dragon named Crusher, a calico gal maned Muggy, and is co-parent to Peet, our shop dog!


Megan is our resident meme queen at Urban Tails! Her behind the scenes work keeps our shelves stocked, our online store in working order, & our meme game fresh on our Facebook page ?? She has two cats at home named Adipose & Alaska and a plethora of plant friends!


Store Associate
Danielle is our resident expert on Spongebob quotes and recalling old vines WORD FOR WORD! She is shop cat Betty’s favorite human servant. Danielle has a cat at home named Bellatrix, a guinea pig named Gannett, and a mouse named Maximus!


Store Associate
Grace is one of our most energetic personalities at Urban Tails! Catch her exclaiming “WELL, HOT DOG!” when you are due to redeem your store rewards dividend at checkout or “OH MY GOLLLL!” when you show her a picture of your furry family member ?? Grace lives with one sweet kitty named Georgie!

Char Lee

Store Associate
Char Lee is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to working shipment! She is super easy going and is a bright energy that we are so grateful to work with! Char Lee has a dog named Taeya and a cat named Cupi. 


Store Associate
Bonnie is a cat lady...that's not all, but it is an important part of her personality. Her customer service skills are off the chart! She can make friends with almost anyone, and knows a heck of a lot about pets! Good thing we have her on staff! Bonnie is owned by 3 cats: Frankie, Sammy, and Olive.


Store Associate
Every day working with E is sure to bring a smile to your face! She is an incredible story teller with a great passion for pets and their people! She has years of industry experience and loves helping customers find solutions for their pets. E has a cat named Lap Ceung (Chang) that makes a hilarious “pukey face” when you offer him human foods.


Store Associate
Lola is one of our sales associates at Urban Tails. They have years of industry experience. Lola has a great passion for cat behavior & nutrition! Track them down if you want to talk CATS! Lola lives with one VERY spoiled feline named Prudence!


Store Associate
Otis is a very easy going guy with a great attitude! His (mild) cat allergy doesn’t stop him from falling victim to Veronica snugs on a very regular basis! Otis doesn’t have any pets at home, but he loves seeing all the dogs that visit Urban Tails!


Delivery Driver
Amelia is one of our delivery drivers at Urban Tails! You can find her zipping around Minneapolis & St Paul with your orders. Her easygoing attitude and attention to detail has been such a huge asset to the UTPS team! Amelia lives with two cats (Blue & Gus) and has an especially soft spot in her heart for rabbits.


Delivery Driver
Jesse is one of our amazing delivery drivers at Urban Tails! We are so thankful for their warm spirit, willingness to help, and a strong sense of community! Jesse lives with two cats, Lint & Ginger!


We love our customers from Minneapolis areas around Saint Louis Park, Calhoun Beach, Glenwood Junction, and Golden Valley.

Come visit our pet supply store in Minneapolis, MN specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.